The Woodlands FFA
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FFA Activities

Leadership Development Events: Jr. Teams (9th Grade) Sr. Teams (10th -12th)


FFA Creed- Students recite the FFA creed in front of 3 judges.  Students will also have to answer a few question about the creed.


FFA Quiz- Students take a test over FFA knowledge and Parliamentary Procedure.  Sr. Team’s test also includes information about Agriculture.


Radio Broadcasting- A team of students presents a Radio script about an Agriculture topic to a set of judges.  If you have a great radio voice this team is for you.


FFA Skills- A team of students demonstrate how to complete an agriculture skill in front of a panel of judges.


Job Interview- One student goes through the job interview process as if they are wanting an agriculture career.  The contest includes writing a resume, telephone interview, filling out an application, and an actual interview by a panel of judges.


Public Relations- A team of students present a presentation about the FFA to judges as if they were presenting it to a large group.



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